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Success Built to Last (SBL) Program

The SBL-program is a yearly international Talent Program of 8 months for Young Ahold Professional Talents.

The program unleashes the true authentic leaders that they are:

  • By knowing your unique talents and motivators, you will be able to master your work and achieve more with less effort.
  • By knowing your unique talents and motivators, you will be able to see where others can complement you.
  • By knowing your dreams and goals in life and work you know how to direct your contribution as a leader.
  • By showing your unique profile to others, you will be found to add value.
  • By knowing how to lead yourself you will be able to lead others.

Develop to act their strengths

In order to implement the Ahold Europe strategy successfully, Ahold focuses to develop its leaders to act their strengths and maximize their team in different contexts and during all kinds of experiences. TalentFirst and Ahold have a close partnership by embracing this vision on leadership development.


SBL Program Philosophy

The essence of leadership is, according to TalentFirst, that true leaders know that they have to lead only one person, to be able to lead ot hers; that is him or herself.

Additional, leadership is about leading people, instead of leading things and materials. 90% is about knowledge of human nature, and 10% about techniques. And knowledge of human nature, you learn with theories and models, but mostly with knowledge of yourself. In other words: “Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself” (Warren Berris).

In the SBL program, TalentFirst works with the Young Professional Talents towards unique, personal and professional leadership. We stimulate leaders to lead themselves and lead theirworking environment in their authentic way. Our aim is to have the Talents excel in their Ahold leadership competencies.

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SBL-program Goals

The SBL program:

  • Creates insight in personal authentic style, by creating insight in unique talents, motivators and goals
  • Transfers this insight in current role in organisation in terms of effectiveness and added value
  • Builds a network within the organization
  • Creates insights in other disciplines within the organization.


SBL approach

We start the program with creating the right mindset: ‘Embrace life through work!’

The following phases are passed through: Insight ((who am I, what drives me, what can I, what do I want, what is my offer to the company), Translation (how can I be visible and add value in my current role in the company) and Action (adding value in practice).

Ahold SBL Talentenbakkerijk sept 2013


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