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Free Career Advice

NL Leert door

The government pays - because of Corona - your career development advice, worth € 700!

An experienced TalentFirst career advisor will help you:
  • Discover what your talents and motivations are;
  • Personal coaching conversations with an expert;
  • Discover what is holding you back and how to fix it!
  • Custom research your next step;
  • With concrete labor market advice
  • Your 'NL Leert Door' certificate
Normal price € 1400, completely free for you!
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NL Leert door

How this crisis means an opportunity for you!

The NL Leert Door scheme published by the government has made € 50 million available. In order to strengthen your position on the labor market, it is important to orientate yourself on all possibilities, with targeted career advice.
Our career counselors are ready to help you with this.

Everyone up to retirement age is eligible for this. It does not matter whether you are currently an employee, unemployed, self-employed or self-employed.
The scheme runs through TalentFirst. So you don't have to do anything yourself. The entire career guidance process is free of charge. We are happy to help you with this.

20 year

Expert in career advise


million eur available

> 40

experienced coaches

€ 1400

normaal price of package

The number of people who can participate is limited!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is this about?

There are many employees and freelancers who are affected by the corona crisis.
Especially for these people, the government is donating € 50 million with the NL learns through subsidy for development advice, retraining and further training.
As part of the second support package, employees, freelancers, flex workers and jobseekers can appeal to an allowance for development advice and training: the NL learns through scheme!

How can I request this?

By registering with us, we can register you with the Ministry for this subsidy.

How exactly does it work?
During a number of conversations with your career advisor, your personal qualities, needs and concerns will be discussed. Everything discussed is of course confidential and remains between you and the career counselor. Your growth and future plans are central to the development advice. It shows where your opportunities in the labor market lie, where you can still develop and how you can keep your work fun. Now and in the future.

What is expected of me NOW?
Sign Up! As soon as possible, we will register you and we will come back to you immediately and we will set things in motion. In the meantime, you can already start the online program.

Why is the government doing this?
With the package, the cabinet wants to help people to adapt to the new economic reality. That is why employers applying for the NOW scheme are obliged, for example, to encourage their employees to undertake further training and retraining. Employees can make use of existing schemes such as the tax student deduction or the possibilities offered by their R&D fund. In addition to this, the government has earmarked 50 million euros for the NL Leert Door crisis program, which allows people to follow development advice and online training free of charge.

What do I have to pay myself?
Nothing! The only thing important is that you participate in the process and fill in the necessary forms for the subsidy. TalentFirst and your career advisor will of course help you with that!