Tim Ferriss on dreamjobs and the 4 hour work week
Tim Ferriss on dreamjobs and the 4 hour work week
29 april 2010 
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Tim Ferriss on dreamjobs and the 4 hour work week

Spending almost 25% of a whole work week with Tim Ferriss (45 minutes in his case, since he’s the author of the highly inspirational book ‘Four Hour Work week), was a complete privilege!

Maximize time and energy

I was happy to find out that we’re on the same site when it comes to the concept of work. Although sometimes misunderstood on this, Tim is not aiming for people to quit working or be inactive. He’s very passionate to help people maximizing the time and energy they spend on the things they love. And that can be work as well!

Tim hates to see that so many talented and valuable people waste their time on things they dislike, but which they think they need to do in order to secure finances. His contribution – with the book and blog – is to teach many short cuts and tricks to prevent work for work’s sake and free time to do what you love.


In the interview, Tim gives an interesting insights in how he organizes his own life. Listen to his dreamlining charts for the next months and more distant future. He shares some topics from his new book. It is an exciting hacker’s guide to the human body (Becoming Super Human) that will be published autumn 2010.
He also shares his thoughts on the projects on education, both in the U.S. and abroad, in which he is involved, in association with www.roomtoread.org and www.donorschoose.org

Listen yourself to the full audio file of the interview here

Thanks to Tim, and to Boris and Patrick of The Next Web to give me this opportunity!
(I enjoyed being accompanied by Hans, the man behind the most succesful seminars in Holland)

Over de schrijver
Huub is oprichter van TalentFirst, spreker en best selling auteur van 10 boeken. Vindt zijn werk zelf zo leuk dat hij dat anderen ook van harte gunt en daar heeft ie dus zijn werk van gemaakt... Is er in 20 jaar elk jaar weer in geslaagd om zichzelf opnieuw uit te vinden en zijn droombaan opnieuw vorm te geven
ChristiaanH - Mind the Beginner

ChristiaanH - Mind the Beginner

op 20 May 2010

Great interview guys! Putting the Duth people on the map here. Wonderous!

(Ga door, wie is de volgende?)

But uhm, don't we all do things we just don't want to be doing? Sometimes you do have to just do those things in order to get where you want to be. Old news I guess.

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